Another Dog Tale

Thanks to Lynn Simross and The Times for your excellent coverage of the dog mix-up at the Los Angeles Animal Shelter (“Lost Dog Mix-up at Pound: Thereby Hangs a Tale,” May 9). No amount of money will compensate the girl for the loss of her pet. I know, as my little poodle was stolen and I spent considerable sums to get it back, without success. I still grieve today, even though it happened several years ago.

I finally found another poodle at the Santa Ana shelter, where there was somewhat of a mix-up, as its owner did not hear from the shelter in a timely manner. It was all straightened out.

All shelters should provide for a 10- to 30-day recision clause in the adoption papers, should the real owner show up to claim the pet. To animal lovers pets are like children, and their rights to ownership should be more fully protected.

It is incredible that the adoptive owners refuse to return the dog to its rightful owner as the pet (may be) also grieving.



Santa Ana