Council of L.B. Organizations Elects Officers

The council of Long Beach Organizations, an independent coalition of area organizations and affiliated individuals working together on City Council and school and college board elections and issues, has announced its election of officers.

Officers and the organizations that they represent on the council are as follows: chair, Dr. Allan Lowenthal, Long Beach Area Citizens Involved; vice chair, Ramon Cruz, League of United Latin American Citizens; vice chair, Marie Garside, National Organization for Women; secretary Shirley Guy, Teachers Assn. of Long Beach; treasurer Sheryle O'Rourke, Long Beach Area Fair Budget Coalition; outreach director, Sid Solomon, Long Beach Area Citizens Involved; public relations director, Jenny Oropeza, Chicano Political Caucus, and finance director, Betty Karnett, Greater Long Beach Labor Coalition.

Other organizations that are members of the coalition are the City Employees Assn., LAMBDA Democratic Club and Long Beach Democratic Club. Information may be obtained by calling 426-6433.

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