On Tuesday, July 2, I lost my home in the Baldwin Hills fire. What used to be my home at 4289 Don Carlos Drive is now in ashes and a chimney is all that remains. I was able to save two of my three dogs.

George Buttrick once said, "A wise man prays for sickness." I didn't pray for this tragedy but without it I wonder if I would have ever realized the value of my friends, my ex-husband, Aros, or my fellow man?

The outpouring of kindness, love, support and unselfish giving is overwhelming. I realize how fortunate it is to be able to write and say thanks for all you've done. The Red Cross, as soon as I am settled, has another volunteer to add to their ranks.

I plan to rebuild in the same spot and you're all invited to a Fourth of July celebration in 1986 to celebrate "The Year After."

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.




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