San Dieguito High Selects Ed Burke as Football Coach


Ed Burke was named head football coach at San Dieguito High School on Monday.

Burke, who coached at Torrey Pines for the past five seasons, had become Torrey Pines’ athletic director during the summer when the Falcons named Rick Haines as their new coach.

“I made a personal mistake this summer by taking the athletic director position and removing myself from coaching,” Burke said. “At Torrey Pines, the athletic director position is arranged in such a way that it’s an administrative-type position.”


Burke had been an athletic director before, but he said he was still able to be somewhat involved in the coaching aspect.

“I realized during the summer passing leagues that the administrative ranks were not going to be a good career move for me personally,” Burke said. “I anticipated I’d have to wait a year to get back into coaching. It was too darn good of an offer at San Dieguito to pass up.”

Burke succeeds Craig Bell as San Dieguito’s head coach.