Abe Lemons Files Defamation Suit Against Texas AD

United Press International

Former Texas basketball Coach Abe Lemons has filed a defamation suit against the university's athletic director, DeLoss Dodds, for allegedly saying Lemons was fired in 1982 because of "NCAA problems."

The complaint was filed Tuesday in Travis County District Court on behalf of Lemons, who now coaches at Oklahoma City University.

The suit says Dodds made "defamatory statements" about Lemons while addressing a meeting of the UT Ex-Students Assn. in Fort Worth on July 31.

Dodds, according to the suit, said Lemons was "fired from his position at the University of Texas because of NCAA problems."

The suit contends the "reputation and professional standing of (Lemons) have been greatly harmed as these remarks suggest that (Lemons) was guilty of violations of NCAA regulations and as such is some form of 'cheater'. "

Dodds said he did not make the statement about Lemons, and declined further comment.

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