Alice Krige and Martin Balsam have joined...

Alice Krige and Martin Balsam have joined the cast of "Second Serve," the TV movie in which Vanessa Redgrave is playing Renee Richards, who underwent a sex-change operation to become a woman. Krige plays Richards' former fiancee and Balsam portrays Richards' psychiatrist.

KCOP Channel 13 plans to provide live coverage of the Los Angeles Marathon March 9. The station says it will utilize 18 cameras to cover the 26.2-mile race, beginning at 9 a.m. and continuing until noon. Mike Chamberlin will anchor.

Gregory Harrison and Billy Dee Williams have the leading roles in "The Rig," a CBS movie about deep-sea divers working on an oil-drilling project. Former boxers Ken Norton and Ray Mancini are in the supporting cast, along with Cynthia Sikes, Lyle Alzado, Tony Burton and Lee Ving.

In addition to NBC's weekly baseball "Game of the Week" on Saturdays this season, there will be 14 Sunday telecasts on ABC. There will be games almost every Sunday between April 13 and July 6, then again for the final three weekends of the season. ABC also plans eight Monday-night games, beginning June 30 and continuing through the end of August.

Mike Farrell stars as a new husband who may be the victim of a "Hoax," a TV movie being filmed in Canada for CBS. Margot Kidder plays the woman he may--or may not--have married, while Elliott Gould portrays a police lieutenant. Also featured are Fred Gwynne and Graham Jarvis.

Briefly noted: "Fame" has been renewed for a sixth season by MGM/UA, the studio that launched it into first-run syndication in 1983 after its cancellation by NBC. . . . "An Early Frost," the TV movie from last November about a young man who tells his parents he has AIDS, will be rerun by NBC April 28. . . . CBS has set March 23 as the telecast date for "Dallas: The Early Years," a three-hour movie about the origins of the Ewing-Barnes feud on the popular prime-time soap opera.

Viewers will be able to question NBC management about why it does some of the things it does during a one-hour TV special March 16, "Talk Back to NBC." As the network describes it, people will be able "to get answers about how programming decisions are made, what producers do and how the news is covered directly from the people who make those decisions in the television industry."

"T.J. Hooker" is now a late-night series on CBS, but the network has ordered a two-hour TV movie with the show's characters. In "Blood Sport," the police officers portrayed by William Shatner, Heather Locklear and James Darren are assigned to protect the lives of a U.S. senator and his wife.

Morgan Freeman and C.C.H. Pounder portray the parents of a soldier killed in Vietnam in "Resting Place," a drama to be presented on CBS under the "Hallmark Hall of Fame" banner. The story unfolds around their efforts to have their black son buried in what has traditionally been a cemetery for whites only. John Lithgow portrays an Army major assigned to assist them.

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