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Last week in Listen we reported that Molly Ringwald was buying secondhand prom clothes. This week we hear she's in a modern fashion mode. Ringwald and a girlfriend stopped in at the Painters! boutique on Melrose Avenue and styled their own art creations on basic black, extra-large T-shirts, Susanne Wilson of the store says. It seems the main attraction at Painters! is a selection of ketchup bottles filled with acrylic paint to squirt on the store's supply of basic T-shirts, sweat shirts and leggings before they are tossed into a spinning drum that splatters the paint all over the garment. Ringwald and her friend spent $18 each on oversize, black T-shirts they gave to each other as gifts, Wilson says.

Picture all those Chargers, those Cowboys, those Redskins and Raiders dressed like Trapper John (Pernell Roberts) and you get the picture of Scrubbs. It's a new line of leisure wear that starts with hospital scrub outfits and styles them up with the logos of top football teams. Team suits will be available in team colors, and the folks at Scrubbs tell us they are issuing outfits to all the players during the preseason training period that starts in August. By the way, sports fans, the same styles will be available in local stores late this summer.

That was Grace Jones slipping into the Georgette Klinger salon on Rodeo Drive after it had closed one evening recently for sort of an emergency facial. By day, Jones has been playing the part of a female vampire on the set of the movie "Vamp." But she has found that the heavy makeup she's been wearing for the part has been taking its toll, Kathryn Klinger reports. So the salon revitalized her skin with a facial and "refreshing surface peeling mask." Klinger says Jones has "beautiful skin and she's very meticulous about it," pointing out the singer/actress goes in every three weeks for a facial and body mask--even when not playing the role of a vamp.

Ciao time: Milan was cooking this week in more ways than one. Right after Gianni Versaci's fall fashion show, the designer hosted a sit-down, candlelight dinner in the Milan Trade Center for 200 buyers and members of the press. His food was as good as his clothes: medallion of veal, artichoke and plenty of vino, of course. Listen was impressed. Two nights later, Giorgio Armani pulled off an even more impressive coup. He invited 549 fashion folk to the little Milan palazzo he calls home. After guests viewed the designer's fall collection in his private theater, they ascended to the banquet room, which was tented in white gauze, furnished with long, white-draped banquet tables and equipped with 549 chairs slip-covered in white quilted silk with white fluffy pillows on which to sit. Centerpieces of tall white candles were surrounded by white tube roses, and the only touch of color in the multicourse meal, featuring delectable white fish, came from red wine, which was served after the white wine, of course. "This is just like a Fellini wedding," chirped one enchanted guest. Listen agreed.

Unless you like green, St. Patrick's Day has never been much of a holiday for fashion plates. But that's all changing. Sort of. Organizers of the second annual Beverly Hills St. Patrick's Day Parade Sunday report the following: Scottish and Irish Imports of Santa Monica has made a kilt for Mike, the canine star of "Down and Out in Beverly Hills"; Giorgio men's cologne will be spritzed every 10 seconds from a giant spray atomizer riding aboard its own float; designer Maria Ferrer has designed the parade's official shamrock-strewn white silk tie and scarf (available at I. Magnin), and parade tickets feature a photo of last year's Zandra Rhodes fashion float. In addition, samples of Essenza Per Uomo, the new men's fragrance from Battaglia on Rodeo Drive, will be passed out to VIP participants. And we also hear that Ruben Panis designed the gown of white organza, with a green beaded waist, that actress Colleen Casey of "The Young and the Restless" will wear when she croons, "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling."

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