'Role Models' Need to Join Drug Battle

On June 8, Steve Lowery and Elliott Almond began a series of articles on the problem of drug use in Orange County high school sports programs. I understand the intention of the series was to bring to light a problem that seems to be on a national scale--drug use among high school athletes. I can appreciate what they were trying to do. No one is more anti-drug than I. However, somewhere between the forthright intentions of exposing a problem and the end product, the reputation of Los Amigos High School has been severely tarnished.

In reference to the article on June 8, I was only mildly displeased since it was a rather broad spectrum of the current situation--that is, several high schools were mentioned. However, the June 9 article made me livid. In a telephone conversation with Steve Lowery, I was assured that he was not singling out any one school, and yet that is exactly what he did. In reading the article on June 9, the general public will most assuredly infer that the sales and use of drugs are running rampant on the Los Amigos campus. This is not true!!!

Many, many student athletes at Los Amigos do not indulge in drugs. We are not without our problems, but we are not better or worse off than any other school in Orange County, parochial schools included. The bottom line is that Mr. Lowery and Mr. Almond have done a grave injustice to the students, parents, coaches and administrators of Los Amigos by focusing on a particular school and by interviewing biased people.

The press has the incredible power to shape public opinion. It is indeed a sad indictment when reporters are more concerned with selling a story than printing the whole truth or practicing responsible journalism.


Los Amigos Athletic Director

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