Students Cheated by Burbank's Disqualification


This is my letter of protest directed to the school board for disqualifying the Burbank High football team from the playoffs.

It seems a student transferred from Glendale to Burbank in order to participate in the football program. Glendale disqualified the student for poor grades and Burbank failed to notice those grades. Then, when the football team of some 30 students prepares for the playoffs, the Glendale football coaches cry "out of bounds," and the school board disqualifies the football team for the school's bad judgment.

Burbank did not bother to check the student's school record at the start of the season and would never have known of his previous school record but for the poor sports in Glendale.

The result is to punish the football team in Burbank. Where is the justice in such action? The real losers are all the students in Burbank. For the first time in 20 years, Burbank makes the playoffs and the football season ends prematurely.



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