Soccer Exhibition Canceled but Coach Is Kept in the Dark

An exhibition soccer match between Chatsworth and Monroe highs that was to be played before Friday night's City Section championship game was canceled without official explanation by City Commissioner Hal Harkness, Chatsworth Coach Rich Doran said Saturday.

Monroe and Chatsworth both lost semifinal matches but were scheduled to play an exhibition match before the Reseda-San Pedro championship game at Westchester High. Doran said the game was canceled Wednesday, however, without an explanation. Harkness was unavailable for comment Saturday.

"I was disappointed for two reasons--because I had gotten the kids to play and it was voted on by soccer coaches," Doran said. "I still hadn't heard why there was no game."

San Pedro defeated Chatsworth, 2-1, and Monroe lost to Reseda, 3-2, in semifinal matches. Reseda won the championship with a 3-1 victory over San Pedro.

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