Torrey Pines Still Unbeaten and Atop Poll

The Torrey Pines High School boys' basketball team remained unbeaten and ranked No. 1 in The Times' San Diego High School top 10, picking up two victories in a week in which other ranked teams weren't so fortunate.

Santana was 1-1, losing to Valhalla, and fell from No. 2 to No. 7. Lincoln, Madison, Kearny, El Camino and Poway all moved up.

Oceanside and Valhalla were also 1-1 last week (Valhalla lost to Mount Miguel after defeating Santana) and both dropped out of the top 10. Oceanside lost to El Camino.

Escondido, which has three straight victories, and Point Loma, which defeated Morse last week are newcomers to the top 10.

The Top 10:

Pos. Team (League) W-L 1. Torrey Pines (Palomar) 21-0 2. Lincoln (City Central) 15-2 3. Madison (City Eastern) 15-2 4. Kearny (City Western) 15-3 5. El Camino (Avocado) 12-4 6. Poway (Palomar) 12-4 7. Santana (Grossmont) 14-2 8. Escondido (Avocado) 12-4 9. Morse (City Eastern) 9-7 10. Point Loma (City Eastern) 11-6

Best of the Rest: Oceanside (Avocado) 9-6, Patrick Henry (City Eastern) 10-6, Valhalla (Grossmont) 10-5.

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