Transit Panel's View on Metro Rail

In an article on transit (Sept. 29), you stated that the Citizen's Advisory Panel was the first group to suggest considering Metro Rail subway for the Valley, which led many readers to believe that we recommended this alternative.

This is simply not true. The majority report of the panel stated, among many important conclusions, the following:

1. Full grade separation is necessary along the entire route.

2. Full mitigation for all residential communities is required.

3. Compatibility and connectivity with Metro Rail is a must.

As to the subway approach, this was only one of three that we urged be further studied. Far more feasible in terms of cost and construction are the other two configurations:

1. Deep trenched, bermed and fenced sections in environmentally sensitive residential communities.

2. A combination of trenching and subway, with the latter to be constructed along the most impacted residential areas.

In addition, the panel stated that an ombudsman and a citizen's oversight committee be appointed, and that a specific budget be set aside to provide community improvements in addition to the mitigation program, including stringent regulations regarding parking, noise and vibration factors.

Valley residents cannot be expected to evaluate what is best for their needs without facts.

The press has not provided the information essential for an informed public to reach their own conclusions and speak up for what they believe is necessary to alleviate the impossible traffic we all face daily.



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