Mahfouz: Book Hunt

In the article by Garry Abrams, "Nobel for Arab a Reminder of a Wider Literary World" (Oct. 14), he mentions a number of bookshops that did not carry the works of this year's literature winner, Naguib Mahfouz.

I use each year's Nobel winner as a new reading list, and each year make a search-and-destroy attack on the Los Angeles bookstores. When Wole Soyinka won I found most of his books at the Aquarian Bookshop; last year when Joseph Brodsky won I found two of his books at B. Dalton and Book Soup; this year, after an extensive search of L.A. bookstores I found two of Mahfouz's books at the Bodhi Tree, and a whole selection of them in Santa Monica at the Midnight Special Bookstore.


Los Angeles

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