(A Fine) Article

Congratulations are certainly due (and how!) to Sigourney Weaver (the actress), who gave (or endured, more likely) three dozen (that's 36) one-on-one interviews for her new (and rather remarkable) movie (known as "Gorillas in the Mist").

But (isn't it always the case?) the real prize (what a trophy it should be) goes to Pat H. Broeske (the author of the article "Gorillas in the Press," Oct. 30) for using (so subtly too) the parenthesis (here I am again) a total of 31 times in her epic article.

If (heaven forbid) there's any royalty (a payment for use) on this (so frequently overlooked) punctuation mark, Broeske's checkbook (if she carries one) had better be flush (filled with money).



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