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Pepsi-Cola Co. will air what it calls the first Spanish-language commercial on U.S. network television--without subtitles or dubbing--during Wednesday's Grammy Awards broadcast on CBS, the company announced Monday. The spot will feature Puerto Rican singer Chayanne, 20, who gained attention as a member of the group Los Chicos and who topped the Latin chart in the United States in 1985 with his album "Sangre Latina." "Our international experience with English-speaking superstars like Michael Jackson and Tina Turner has proven that music has universal appeal and bridges language and cultural differences," Alan Pottasch, a Pepsi senior vice president, told United Press International. The commercial, filmed in Chile, features Chayanne's single, "Este Ritmo Se Baila Asi" ("You Dance That Rhythm Like This") from his current album, "Chayanne." Pottasch said the commercial would air following a Grammy show segment in which Linda Ronstadt sings in Spanish.

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