Releaguing Likely to Send Agoura to Marmonte League

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A proposal to move Agoura High to the Marmonte League is expected to be approved Friday when schools from the Northern Area of the Southern Section meet to select their final releaguing plan.

The Chargers would rejoin the Marmonte League after nine years in the Frontier League. The move would increase Marmonte membership to eight schools and reduce the Frontier's to five. Northern Area schools will select one of several proposals to reorganize leagues in the area for the 1990-91 and 1991-92 school years.

"I think it's a logical move for Agoura to join the Marmonte League," Westlake Athletic Director Bob Fisher said. "They're bigger than Newbury Park or Westlake. They're near the Conejo Valley and they're kind of a natural rival. I think it will help gate receipts."

Agoura Athletic Director Fred Williams would welcome a departure from the Frontier League but doubts that his school can compete successfully in the Marmonte League.

"We might be able to compete in some sports but not with their overall programs," Williams said. "We don't have the student body to compete with schools like Channel Islands."

Channel Islands, the largest school in the league, has an enrollment of more than 2,500. Three-year schools Simi Valley and Royal have 2,250 and 1,950 students, respectively. Agoura has an enrollment of about 1,850. Reflecting on the two years Agoura competed in the Marmonte League, Williams said: "My baseball team finished 0-14 in 1978."

The Chargers, however, have outgrown the Frontier League, in which enrollment of members other than Agoura is 750 to 1,100. Agoura won 11 of 16 league championships last school year. "We don't belong in the Frontier League, either," Williams said.

Williams proposed the formation of a new league consisting of the smaller teams from the Channel and Marmonte.

The new league--nicknamed the 101 League in reference to the freeway that provides access to the member schools--would consist of Agoura, Camarillo, Newbury Park, Rio Mesa and Westlake. Williams' plan also would leave the Channel, Marmonte, Frontier and Tri-Valley leagues with five teams each.

Oxnard would join Channel Islands, Royal, Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks to form a five-team Marmonte League. Buena, Hueneme, San Marcos, Santa Barbara and Ventura would remain in the Channel League, and Fillmore would move from the Tri-Valley to the Frontier League.

Williams doubts that his proposal will succeed but is certain Agoura will be moved.

"I think there is a 95% chance that we will leave the Frontier League and a 75% chance we will go to the Marmonte League as it exists," he said.

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