Cowboys Shun CLU, Will Train in Austin


After 27 summers in Thousand Oaks, the Dallas Cowboys have decided to abandon their California Lutheran University training camp and relocate in Austin, Tex.

That decision was relayed from Dallas owner Jerry Jones to CLU President Jerry Miller in a phone call Tuesday afternoon.

A formal announcement is expected at a Dallas press conference today.

"They gave no reason for the decision," said Dennis Gillette, vice president for institutional advancement at CLU. "They just said they have made the decision to stay in Texas. We didn't request any further clarification. The only thing we have asked for is written notification."

Rumors of such a move began soon after Jones purchased the team, but Cowboy officials broke camp in August without an announcement.

There is a contract in effect that requires either party to notify the other of a decision to break the agreement by Sept. 1.

After such notification, there is, according to Gillette, a requirement for two additional years before the contract expires. Under those terms, the Cowboys could not leave now until after the summer of 1992.

That apparently will not be the case.

Where does that leave CLU?

"At this point," Gillette said, "we have to refer it to our advisers before we can decide what our position is."

Jones bought the Cowboys before this season and instituted many changes, the most unpopular being his firing of Tom Landry, the only coach the Cowboys had ever had.

But, at least in Thousand Oaks, his latest move figures to shoot to the top of the unpopularity chart.

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