El Toro Assistant Football Coach Suspended for Year


Bob Bosanko, assistant football coach at El Toro High School, has been suspended from coaching football for one year by Saddleback Valley Unified School District officials following a recommendation from administrators of the Southern Section office.

"We determined that there was a rule violation based on information provided to this office, and El Toro has accepted a recommendation that the coach be suspended," said Bill Clark, Southern Section administrator in charge of football.

Bosanko, the running backs coach for the football team, also is the school's golf coach. He will continue to coach golf and teach history at El Toro during the suspension. Bosanko violated Rule 1412 of the Constitution of the California Interscholastic Federation regarding Sunday restrictions.

The rule states: "A school may not play a football game or conduct a scrimmage or football practice of any type on Sunday." An explanation of the ruling also states that meeting on Sunday "for a skull session or reviewing a game film" is not permitted.

Bosanko allowed Steve Stenstrom, El Toro's starting quarterback, to review the game film of El Toro's 28-14 victory over Villa Park at his home on Sunday, Nov. 26. Bosanko was not present when Stenstrom reviewed the film.

"He violated the intent of the rule, but it was a very harsh punishment," said Don Martin, El Toro's principal. "There's a big difference between a student-athlete taking stats off your own game film and a coach conducting a skull session."

Mission Viejo coaches allegedly learned of the film viewing at Bosanko's home a day before the Diablos lost to El Toro, 28-21, in the Division III semifinals last Friday. Robert Metz, Mission Viejo's principal, filed an appeal with the Southern Section on Monday.

Metz issued a statement on Tuesday stating: "There has been alleged violation of 1412. We together, meaning El Toro officials, Mission Viejo officials and the commissioner (Stan Thomas) discussed all the evidence in detail.

"The results are that there has been a suspension of the coach in question and a letter of reprimand issued to El Toro High School. I prefer to say we found solution. Beyond that, I have no comment."

El Toro is scheduled to meet Paramount on Saturday night at Cerritos College for the Division III championship. Southern Section officials concluded that El Toro did not gain an unfair advantage in preparing for its quarterfinal game against Mission Viejo by allowing Stenstrom to review the game film.

"El Toro will remain the entry for the championship," Clark said. "The player in question will be allowed to play. We consider the matter closed."

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