Controversy Over Bart Simpson: 'Underachiever and Proud of It'

I commend you on your response to the ban Bart Simpson campaign. This issue has been carried entirely too far. It seems to me that forbidding the wearing of T-shirts with "Underachiever and proud of it" is far less of a concern than some of the other problems facing schools.

While Bart expresses ideas and attitudes that are not particularly complimentary of parents, teachers and nuclear weapons, he also allows the public a way to vent some frustrations. Bart is not meant to be an ideal for kids; he is only a cartoon character who is outspoken sometimes.

If there is such a problem with Bart in the minds of some parents and teachers, why not think about some of the other role models that are out there? Role models such as athletic superstars who swear continually, abuse drugs and alcohol and gamble. Or rock stars who use lewd lyrics and gestures. When you think of the alternatives, Bart sounds pretty good.


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