Nets Trade Hopson to Bulls, Get Another First-Round Choice

From Associated Press

The New Jersey Nets, who have the first pick in today’s NBA draft, traded guard Dennis Hopson to the Chicago Bulls Tuesday for another first-round pick this year, two future second-round picks and undisclosed future considerations.

Derrick Coleman of Syracuse is expected to be taken by the Nets first in the draft, but as a result of the trade Dennis Scott of Georgia Tech enters the No. 1 picture. He could be taken as the Nets’ shooting guard of the future with the No. 1 pick, and the team then could look for a rebounder with the 22nd pick overall.

“I see the possibility of a player we like sliding down to the 22nd pick,” Net Coach Bill Fitch said. “The past 24 hours have provided us with an opportunity to mold this team in a different direction.”

The Nets also have expressed a willingness to trade the top pick for a proven player, but no team has come close to offering an acceptable deal, said Bob Casciola, the Nets’ executive vice president and chief operating officer.


The Bulls will give the Nets their second-round picks in 1991 and the highest of three second-round picks Chicago has in 1992.