Soccer Player Praised for School Appearances

In response to Thomas Militello's suggestions for the L.A. Heat to do more to promote soccer (Times, July 26), I'd like to make known a very important service that the Heat does provide.

In the spring of this past school year, a Heat player held two assemblies at our school--William Anderson in Lawndale. He demonstrated soccer skills, while allowing some students to participate, and talked about the game of soccer. Needless to say, everyone was impressed and he even provided some tickets to a game.

This player was able to capture the attention of all the students (about 950) from kindergarten through the sixth grade. However, his main message was to say no to drugs and he certainly got his point across to each child. He taught them to say, "Soccer is a Kick, Drugs are a Drag."

What an important and effective service from the L.A. Heat!


Teacher, William Anderson School

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