Syracuse Accused of Breaking NCAA Rules : Recruit: Tony Scott says his transfer from Syracuse to Texas A&M; involved a talent scout.

From Associated Press

Texas A&M; basketball recruit Tony Scott says a talent scout arranged his transfer from Syracuse to Texas A&M;, where he was given benefits in violation of NCAA rules, according to the Post-Standard newspaper.

Scott told the Post-Standard the transfer was brokered by talent scout Rob Johnson of Queens. He said Johnson told him that he was paid $2,400 to work two weeks this summer at a basketball camp operated by first-year Texas A&M; basketball Coach Kermit Davis Jr. at College Station, Tex.

“I thought he was a friend of mine,” Scott said. “It turns out that he sold me to this program.”

The use of a talent scout to recruit players is strictly forbidden by the NCAA.


The paper also reported that Scott said Johnson accompanied him from Houston to College Station on a Texas A&M; jet, in violation of an NCAA rule.

Johnson refused to comment about his involvement with Texas A&M.;

On traveling to Texas A&M; with Scott, Johnson said, “Whoever told you that, it’s a bunch of lies.”

Davis told the newspaper Johnson did travel to College Station with Scott. Davis said he was interested in hiring Johnson as an assistant and it was “just kind of coincidental” that they wound up on the same plane.