Striking It 'Rich'

Kids and high concepts continue to sell: Screenwriter John Hill has just been paid $300,000 for "Rich Kid"--which, he acknowledges, is so high concept it might as well be dubbed " 'Home Alone' meets 'Die Hard.' "

The project, says Hill, "is a kind of 'Captains Courageous' for the '90s"--all about a youngster who finds himself caught up in "adventurous jeopardy."

For producer Steve Tisch, and Warner Bros., it is Hill's biggest sale yet (he got $250,000 for "Quigley Down Under"). He credits his longtime agent Norman Kurland for generating interest in the project.

Hill programed assorted film "formulas" into his computer--for example, kid comedies and heavy action shoot-'em-ups--and mixed and matched various plot devices until he came up with the best combination for his scenario.

"But the (computer) organization is just a small part," he adds. "You still have to create characters and heart and story."

The central character of "Rich Kid" happens to be about 10 years of age.

Deadpans Hill: "Gee, I don't know who could play that part."

Macaulay Culkin, call your agent!

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