Harbor Freeway

May The Times' headline ("Transitway Work Hits a Roadblock," Metro, Feb. 25) about the second deck of the Harbor Freeway now being constructed be propitious. Memories of the recent Nimitz Freeway second-deck pancake and the deaths of all those motorists caused by the Loma Prieta earthquake seem short.

The Harbor Freeway parallels the Newport-Inglewood Fault (Long Beach Earthquake, 1933), which is only 3 miles away, and other major faults are very close (Whittier Fault, San Gabriel Fault). The giant San Andreas Fault is 20 miles closer to the Harbor Freeway than the Loma Prieta earthquake epicenter was to the Nimitz Freeway.

I have some doubts about the reportedly improved engineering plans for the Harbor Freeway second deck. Can we restrict the lower level to the government officials who believe it? What plans are there to prevent the greatly increased noise that will come to nearby homes, businesses, museum, schools and parks?


Los Angeles

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