Ramon Estevez Also Follows in the Star Tracks of His Father


Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen aren’t the only sons of actor Martin Sheen who have followed in their father’s footsteps. There’s also Ramon Estevez, Sheen’s second son. Estevez happens to be named after his father, whose real moniker is Ramon Estevez.

Estevez, who says he’s around “twentysomething,” is starring with his father and Charlie in the film “Cadence,” which his dad also directed. Estevez plays a nerdish, spineless corporal of the guard at an Army work camp stockade.

But you’ll have to be a Sherlock Holmes to recognize Estevez as a member of the Sheen clan in the movie. His father disguised him in geeky glasses and a hat. “I fought it (the disguise),” Estevez says. “I wanted to look the way I do. But it gave me a real identity. It was fortunate the way it turned out. The decision wasn’t met with initial enthusiasm, it was met with opposed enthusiasm. But, for the most part, I liked how it turned out to be.”


Estevez always wanted to be an entertainer and began studying acting, dancing and singing at a young age. A tap dancer, whose idols include Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, he performed locally as a teen-ager with Danny Daniel’s Dance America Company.

“That was a great experience to be involved in it at that age,” he says. “There was so much technique involved. I was too young to realize how difficult it was because it was so much fun.”

Though Estevez has just made a few films in America, he is well-known in Europe and has made films in France and Spain. “I studied French intensely before I went there,” he says. “When I got there I could respond and communicate. But for Spanish, I already spoke Spanish because I had been living and going to school there. My Spanish improved tremendously because I was using my language in my occupation.”