High Life / A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Pick a Team, Any Team You Pin Your Hopes On

With the baseball season beginning, basketball winding down and the hockey playoffs just under way, Hot Topics wonders, "Which is your favorite professional sports team and why?"

"The Kings because (Wayne) Gretzky shows real sportsmanship by avoiding fights, and they have a really good goaltender."

Charlene Velendo, 17,

senior, Rancho Alamitos

"I like the Lakers because Magic is Magic."

Amanda Gaide, 15,

junior, Troy

"The Raiders because Bo Jackson is on that team, and he's very cute."

Stacy Putnam, 16,

junior, Bolsa Grande

"The Angels because they are the local team and I can get to their games easily."

Emily Raat, 16,

sophomore, El Modena

"Definitely Sinjin Smith and Randy Stoklos. Anyone who has ever watched pro beach volleyball will agree that all of its best players are incredible athletes, and Sinjin and Randy are the best team in the sport. It helps that they're the best looking, too."

Yuko Yogi, 17,

junior, Villa Park

"I like the Chicago Bulls because Jordan can fly."

Shannon Carroll, 16,

sophomore, St. Margaret's

"The Oakland A's because they're an awesome team."

David Thompson, 18,

senior, Sunny Hills

"The New York Giants. I started to like them when they won the Super Bowl because I won $100."

Gilbert Ceja, 17,

junior, Bolsa Grande

"The Lakers, of course. How can you live in this area and deny your loyalty to such a team?"

Samantha Sangana, 17,

junior, Troy

"I like the Redskins because I'm from Washington, D.C., and they're spirited Sweat Hogs." Suzanne Freed, 16,

junior, Sunny Hills

"The Dodgers because they always make a dramatic finish."

Amy Raat, 17,

senior, El Modena

"The Houston Oilers because this football team likes violence. They live off punishing their enemy. Full-contact sports are great."

Kane Polakoff, 17,

junior, Villa Park

"The Harlem Globetrotters--I like the way they handle the ball. Also, their music matches their image."

Joanne Le, 17,

junior, Bolsa Grande

"The Kings because they're awesome."

Raphael Meza, 16,

sophomore, Savanna

"The Chicago Bulls because Michael Jordan always lights up the court."

Shellie Tsuji, 18,

senior, Rancho Alamitos

"The 49ers because of tradition."

Shelby Samuelsen, 16,

junior, University

"The Raiders because I like the players and also because they're from L.A."

Fred Gonzales, 16,

sophomore, Troy

"The Lakers because of Magic's no-look dishes to (James) Worthy, leading to around-the-back slams."

Jake Bassett, 17,

junior, Villa Park

"The Quebec Nordiques because it is fun to watch them lose."

Amanda Ashton, 16,

sophomore, El Modena

"I love the Kings because they're the best in hockey and also because Wayne Gretzky plays for them and Marty McSorley too! I love baseball and the Angels are my favorite because they never win."

Dorothy Young, 15,

junior, Bolsa Grande

"The Lakers because they work well together and no one person is the major reason for their accomplishment--it's a team effort."

Monett Penka, 14,

freshman, Rancho Alamitos

"The Kings because they brawl."

Tom Bernard, 17,

junior, University

"The Chicago Cubs because (they played in) the first baseball game that I went to."

Bettina Wood, 17,

senior, Troy

"The Denver Broncos because the games they play are exciting and fun to watch."

Brian Petrocelli, 17,

senior, Sunny Hills

"The Lakers embody everything about pro basketball. They're exciting, competitive and they give me something to look up to."

Hardep Singh, 14,

sophomore, El Modena

"I like the Rams just because they're from Anaheim."

Jason Knox, 16,

sophomore, Savanna

"The San Francisco 49ers because I'm from San Francisco and support my team immensely."

Elissa Wenster, 16,

junior, Rancho Alamitos

"The Chicago Bulls because I like to watch basketball and they have a lot of good players."

Shannon Michael, 16,

junior, St. Margaret's

"The Kings are awesome because they are exciting and exhilarating to watch--nonstop action with exciting fights."

Linda Scollick, 18,

senior, Villa Park

"The St. Louis Cardinals because I like St. Louis."

Debbie Sklar, 17,

senior, El Modena

"The Lakers because they are very intelligent when they are playing and are very good at what they do. That team is highly respected."

Melissa Rogers, 18,

senior, Rancho Alamitos

"The Kings because I like to watch ice hockey and they are good."

Maggie Iskander, 14,

freshman, St. Margaret's

"The Chicago Bulls because of Michael Jordan."

Anne Trent, 16,

junior, University

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Responses gathered by Brandi Winemiller (Bolsa Grande), Lauren Walden (El Modena), Beth Mueller (Rancho Alamitos), Brooke Lyons (St. Margaret's), Nghi Pham (Savanna), Rachel Cochrane (Sunny Hills), Layne Mosler (Troy), Claudine Ko (University) and Heather Lee (Villa Park).DR, EFRAIN ISLAS

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