Volleyball Players Say Wrong People Being Harassed

This is a group response prompted by an article that appeared Thursday, March 28.

We are but one of many groups that frequent Neff Park in La Mirada on Sundays. We are volleyball players. We are also a group of steady-working parents who enjoy our Sunday outings with our children.

We have been playing volleyball at Neff Park for close to 10 years. The faces may have changed over the years, but the principles have remained the same.

We are responsible people; we leave the park clean. We are not loud, inconsiderate, disruptive people. We are merely families that enjoy our day off, both for ourselves as well as for our children.

As parents, we have many times cleared the park of undesirable elements that have threatened the well-being of our children.

Instead of supporting our honest efforts, we are rewarded with harassment and condemnation.

Lately, we have faced undeserved harassment by a deputy sheriff of the Norwalk office. He has not contented himself with just warning us, but has unduly threatened us by stating that Neff is "his park" and we had better "watch it." We have always acted under the assumption that Neff is a public park, not the personal property of a deputy.

As La Mirada residents, our taxes help maintain the parks for everyone's use. Are we being forced to teach our children that the streets are the only place you will be allowed to be?

We do not deserve this unwarranted attack on our integrity or motives. We are hard-working, responsible people, not lawbreakers.

Instead of threatening innocent families that enjoy the camaraderie of our Sundays at Neff Park, perhaps the "patrol" should concentrate on eliminating the "real bad guys."


and the concerned volleyball players of Neff Park

La Mirada

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