Pit Bulls Attack Redondo Beach Officers Trying to Arrest Owner

Two Redondo Beach police officers were attacked by pit bulls Thursday as they served the dogs' owner with an arrest warrant, police said. The officers suffered minor injuries.

Lt. Ken Keating said police arrested the owner of the dogs, Rick Anthony Corral, 32, at his Redondo Beach home on suspicion of carrying a concealed, loaded handgun. Corral is also being investigated for alleged narcotics violations, Keating said.

Three pit bulls charged the officers when Corral was taken into custody. Detectives Rick Mansfield and Terry Jones were each bitten by a dog, one of which was shot and wounded. The wounded dog ran into the house and "was snarling and acting aggressive" as it stood perched over a 10-month-old baby in a hallway, Keating said.

Mansfield, a former movie stuntman, "saw an opening and dived for the baby," taking the child out of potential danger, Keating said. Police immediately shot at the dog again, striking the animal once. It survived and was captured by animal control officers, Keating said.

The baby, whose name was not released, suffered a scratch on the forehead and was taken to South Bay Hospital for examination, Keating said.

An unidentified woman, the mother of the baby, was also arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, said Sgt. John Skipper.

Police said Mansfield was treated and released from Torrance Emergency Medical Group for a bite on his right upper thigh. Jones did not require treatment.

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