PRO FOOTBALL DAILY REPORT : RAIDERS : Practice Squad Will Be Missed by Shell

Coach Art Shell was saddened to hear of NFL management’s decision to cancel practice squads for the 1991 season.

The past two seasons, each team was allowed to carry an additional three to five non-roster players for development. Players were paid $1,000 a week in 1989 and $3,000 a week last season, but questions concerning the legality of fixing squad salaries ultimately led to the concept’s demise.

“You like a squad like that to develop young people who aren’t ready for the big squad,” Shell said. “There are a lot of legal ramifications going on.”


The Raiders have been working second-year player Aaron Wallace at Jerry Robinson’s outside linebacker position. As a rookie in 1990, Wallace had nine sacks as a down lineman in pass-rush situations.

Winston Moss, acquired in an off-season trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is also working at Robinson’s strong-side position. Robinson is still a Raider, but he will turn 35 in December.