WEEKEND TV : The World of Modern Art in Bravo Special

The fine arts and the fine art of wooing voters elevate the viewing choices this weekend.

"Art Ache," a three-part special debuting tonight at 7 on Bravo, examines the high-stakes world of modern art through interviews with collectors, dealers, curators and artists.

As part of their drive for funds, area PBS stations will repeat two classical music specials from Russia on Sunday night: "Horowitz in Moscow," at 7 on KCET, and "Perlman in Russia," at 5:30 on KOCE, 8:45 on KCET.

And political junkies can get their debate fix as C-SPAN carries live the three remaining candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination--Jerry Brown, Paul Tsongas and Bill Clinton--arguing issues in Detroit tonight at 7 and from Chicago Sunday at 4 p.m.

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