MISSION VIEJO : Weed Control Plan to Take Effect Monday

Under a city fire prevention law, crews will soon begin clearing weeds from the yards of private homes and charging homeowners who fail to do the work themselves.

By Monday, yards, slopes and parkways are required by municipal code to be free of trash and overgrown vegetation. After that, city workers will form cleanup crews and clear off any property not conforming to city ordinance.

Under the city law, weeds must stand less than two inches high and all clippings must be removed to conform to fire prevention standards.

Before crews are sent, property owners not in compliance will be notified. If immediate action isn't taken, officials say they will arrange to have the grounds cleared and will bill property owners at standard labor rates.

All cleanup work by city workers is expected to be completed by June 15. For information, contact the city maintenance department: (714) 348-2058.

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