WEST LOS ANGELES : Figure in Foxes Dispute Guilty in Phone Threats

A bitter dispute over the fate of the Ballona Wetlands red foxes has lead to the conviction of a former animal rights organization official charged with making a threatening telephone call to the leader of a rival environmental group.

Sepulveda resident Peggy Randall, 56, was ordered by West Los Angeles Municipal Court Judge Anita Dymant to pay a $150 fine plus $255 in penalty assessment fees after she was found guilty last Friday of one count of making annoying or threatening telephone calls, a misdemeanor.

The former vice president of the Wildlife Protection League made the telephone call to Ruth Lansford, the chairwoman of the Friends of Ballona Wetlands, on July 24. In the telephone call left on an answering machine, Randall identified herself, then threatened to beat Lansford "from one end of the Ballona Wetlands to the other" and to "stop" Lansford's organized nature walks that she leads for groups.

Deputy City Atty. Teddy Eden said Randall, who pleaded not guilty, admitted making the phone call but said it was not intended as a vicious act.

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