Covina : The Greening of the Blue

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Police will soon be catching criminals in a more environmentally friendly manner.

The City Council on Tuesday approved a contract for the city to build a facility that would compress natural gas for use as fuel for 14 police vehicles.

Police officers driving the converted vehicles will be required to use the facility, said Wayne Dowdey, environmental services director.

Valley Power Products Inc. of the City of Industry won the contract to build the plant, at the city’s maintenance yard at 534 N. Barranca Ave. The city will pay $200,000 of the $330,000 cost for construction and altering the vehicles, and the Air Quality Management District will pay $120,000.


In other action, the council restricted new establishments that sell alcoholic beverages. Liquor stores and other businesses that sell alcohol may not open within 600 yards of places of worship, parks or schools, or within 500 yards of other liquor-selling establishments.