KCAL Garners a Record 58 Emmy Nominations : Television: KABC comes in second with 49. Winners of the local awards will be announced June 5.


KCAL-TV Channel 9 on Thursday continued its recent dominance over local television awards, getting 58 nominations for the 1992 Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards.

Station officials said the 58 nominations were the most by a single station in a single year, topping its 50 of a year ago, the previous record. KCAL received nominations in two-thirds of the categories, including those related to children’s programming; entertainment; social issues and sports.

Earlier this year, KCAL won 16 of the 30 Golden Mike Awards and 30 Associated Press Awards.

The station was the only one in the market to receive local Emmy nominations in all three newscast categories--regularly scheduled 30-minute, regularly scheduled 60-minute and regularly scheduled daytime.


The three major network owned-and-operated stations were all shut out in the 30-minute category, with Spanish-language KVEA-TV Channel 52 receiving the other nomination for that award for its 6 p.m. newscast. In the 60-minute category, KCBS-TV Channel 2’s 5 p.m. newscast will compete against KCAL. KTLA-TV Channel 5’s high-rated and often-irreverent morning newscast drew the other nod in the daytime newscast, facing KCAL’s noon broadcast.

Coverage of last spring’s civil unrest accounted for four of the five nominations for live coverage of an unscheduled news event with KCAL, KCBS, KCOP-TV Channel 13 and KNBC-TV Channel 4 cited. KCBS also was nominated for Harvey Levin’s reports on the Malibu floods.

Gloria Allred of KABC-TV Channel 7 and Michael Tuck of KCBS each received two nominations in the news commentary category. The fifth nomination went to Wayne Satz, the KTTV-TV Channel 11 commentator who died Dec. 24 at age 47 of a heart attack.

A total of 249 nominations for programs aired during the 1992 calendar year were made in 54 categories. KABC-TV Channel 7 was second with 49; followed by KCBS with 28; KTTV-TV Channel 11 with 24, KTLA-TV Channel 5 with 21; KCET-TV Channel 28 19; KCOP with 14 and KNBC with 13. Ten other stations and cable companies shared the remaining 23 nominations.

Winners of the local Emmys, which are handed out by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, will be announced June 5 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Nominations and winners have been judged primarily by peer group panels convened in Denver, Detroit and New York City.

The academy had previously announced that its annual Governors Award will be given to KCAL anchorman Jerry Dunphy.

Here is a partial list of the nominees:

Informational/public affair series (remote):


“City View” KABC; “Nature’s Most Precious Resource,” KOCE.

Informational/public affairs series (studio-based): “Troubleshooter: Judd McIlvain,” KCBS; “Life & Times: Studio Edition,” KCET; “Pei Pei’s Time,” KSCI; “Making It! Minority Success Stories,” KTLA.

Entertainment programming: “Summer Movie Madness ’92,” KCAL; “Fritz and Friends: Perils of Parenthood,” KNBC; “KTLA at 45,” KTLA; “Television’s Biggest Night,” KTTV.

Children/Youth specials: “City View: Scared Sober,” KABC; “Fresh!” KCAL; “A Reason to Change,” KCBS; “A Musical Encounter in Los Angeles, the Conductor Show,” KLCS.


Children/Youth Series: “Storytime,” KCET; “L.A. Kids,” KCOP.

News Special: “Crisis in Somalia: A Town Hall Meeting,” KCAL; “Andrew’s Aftermath,” KCBS; “Flashpoint,” KCOP; “The Heart of L.A.” KNBC; “Floods of ’92,” KTTV.

Sports Special: “Olympic Dreams,” KCAL; “The Season to Remember: ’71-'72 Lakers,” KCAL; “Sportsbowl ’92,” KNBC; “The Dodgers: Baseball’s First Family,” KTTV; “KTTV’s Farewell to the Dodgers,” KTTV.

Sports Series: “Sports Scene,” KABC; “Lakertime,” KCAL; “L.A. Football Company,” KCBS.


Live Sports Coverage: “Clippers Basketball,” KCOP; “Kings Hockey,” KTLA.

Live Special Events: “L.A. Fiesta Broadway,” KCBS; “The Doo Dah Parade,” KCOP; “Live From the Hollywood Bowl,” KCOP; “The 1992 Hollywood Christmas Parade,” KTLA.

Serious mini-documentaries: “Quest for the Last Cannibals,” KABC; “Russia,” KABC; “Saved From the Streets,” KABC; “Caught In the Crossfire: Unsolved Crimes of the L.A. Riots,” KCAL; “The Privacy Myth,” KCAL; “Incest: Childhood Betrayed,” KCOP; “African-American Pioneers,” KTTV; “Party Crews: We Are Not Gangs,” KTTV.

Light mini-documentaries: “Koreans in L.A.” KABC; “Beating the Odds,” KCAL; “Chopper Cops,” KCAL; “San Juan de Los Lagos Virgin,” KMEX; “Muchachitas,” KNBC; “Veracruz--Paraiso de Brujas,” KVEA.


Investigative Reporting: “Save the Horses,” KABC; “Workers’ Compensation Fraud,” KCBS; “Bankrupt Millionaire: Neil Bush’s Business Partner,” KTTV; “The Rodney King Trial: What the Jury Never Saw,” KTTV.

Spot News: “Circuit City: L.A. Riots,” KABC; “South Central Looting: L.A. Riots,” KABC; “King and Western: L.A. Riots,” KCAL; “December Disturbance,” KCBS; “L.A. Riots,” KCBS; “Brentwood Fire,” KTLA; “L.A. Riots: Neighborhood Vigilantes,” KTLA.

News Reporting: “Newberry Riot: L.A. Riots,” KABC; “Antoine Miller Exclusive,” KCAL; “Burnt Ford,” KCAL; “State Budget: Day 22,” KCAL; “Anatomy of a Riot,” KCBS; “Eureka Earthquake,” KCBS; “Businessman,” KCOP.

Sports Reporting: “Monday Night Football: Behind the Scenes,” KABC; “Andrea’s Story,” KCAL; “Oscar de la Hoya,” KCAL; “The Real League of Their Own,” KCAL; “Skydiving,” KCAL.


Serious News Feature Reporting: “Stand and Deliver: 10 Years Later,” KCAL; “Your Money or Your Life,” KCAL; “False Heroes,” KCBS; “Plagues of the ‘90s,” KNBC; “Formation of a Street Gang,” KTTV; “Operation Bootstrap,” KTTV; “Woman Feeds Homeless,” KTTV.

Light News Feature Reporting: “California Mysteries,” KCAL; “Who’s Who,” KCAL; “Zoo on You,” KCAL; “Is Elvis Alive?,” KCOP; “Disney Mickey,” KNBC; “Hispanic Hollywood,” KNBC; “Werewolf Tryouts,” KNBC.

Host/Moderators specials: Joanne Ishimine, “Memories of the Camps,” KABC; Jane Velez-Mitchell, “Triumph! The Spirit of Cinco de Mayo,” KCAL; Fritz Coleman, “Fritz and Friends: Perils of Parenthood,” KNBC; Fred Roggin, “Sportsbowl ’92,” KNBC; Bob Eubanks, Leeza Gibbons, “1992 Hollywood Christmas Parade,” KTLA; Mark Thompson, “Television’s Biggest Night,” KTTV.

Host/Moderators series: Todd Donoho, “Monday Night Live,” KABC; Rick Lozano, “Sports Scene,” KABC; Gary Cruz, Stu Lantz, “Lakertime,” KCAL; Marabina Jaimes, Mark Ritts, “Storytime,” KCET; Larry McCormick, Michele Ruiz, “Making It! Minority Success Stories,” KTLA.