PRO FOOTBALL / DAILY REPORT : RAIDERS : Texas Tradition Continues

The Raiders will begin their annual preseason practices against the Dallas Cowboys today at Austin, Tex. They will have three days of work against the Cowboys before practicing by themselves Thursday.

Practicing against the Cowboys is a tradition that began when Dallas had its training camp at Thousand Oaks. After the Cowboys moved their camp to Texas, the Raiders have continued with this ritual even though it would cheaper to practice against a team closer to the team's training site at Oxnard.

"We have a very good relationship with the Cowboys and I have a good relationship with Jimmy Johnson," Coach Art Shell said. "They enjoy what we do and we enjoy what they do. It gives both teams a chance to work against different looks."

Shell said that the Raiders have never considered working against San Diego or the Rams, despite their proximity.

"First, I don't like the idea of working against someone in the same division we play in," said Shell about the Chargers. "I don't even like playing against them in the preseason."

And, the Rams?

"Next question," Shell said. "We play them in the preseason and that's enough."

After working out at Austin, the Raiders will fly to Canton, Ohio, where they will open their preseason schedule against the Green Bay Packers in Saturday's Hall of Fame game.


The ankle injury suffered by quarterback Todd Marinovich in Saturday's intrasquad scrimmage was not serious. Marinovich made the trip to Austin. However, offensive tackle Steve Wright (shoulder) and tight end Andrew Glover (ankle) did not.

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