Service Technician Grazed by Gunfire in Foiled Stickup


A lottery machine serviceman was shot and slightly wounded Wednesday during a botched robbery at a drive-through dairy, police said.

Allen Kim, 48, of Buena Park was grazed in the shoulder and back of the head in the 8 a.m. shooting at the Rockview Dairy at Crescent Avenue and Moody Street.

According to La Palma Police Sgt. Sven Hansen, a car with three people in it drove into the Rockview Dairy, and one of the passengers got out of the car and demanded money from the owner at gunpoint.

“As this is happening, there happens to be an independent repairman for the lottery machines,” standing by the sales counter, Hansen said. Kim “turns and sees the guy with the gun and starts running away.”


The gunman shot at Kim, then fled in the car, Hansen said.

Police described the attacker’s car as a white, two-door compact import with blue and gold license plate. The last three numbers are 177, Hansen said.