1994 OVERALL LEAGUE PLACE 18-9 11-3 Tied 1st

COACH YR. AT SCHOOL Kevin Pasky 8th

TOP RETURNEES POS HT YR Brian Laibow G 6-3 Jr. Ben Richardson F/C 6-6 Sr. Maurice Moore G 6-2 Sr. Chris Driscoll G 6-0 Sr. Jon Sears C 6-5 Sr.

TOP NEWCOMERS POS HT YR Joel Weiss G/F 6-1 Jr. Ryan Yeager G 5-11 Jr. Clint Bridge G 6-1 Jr. Eddie Masangkay F 6-3 Sr. Jason Rogers C 6-4 Sr.


The Chargers are considered a slight league favorite over Westlake, perhaps only because none of Agoura's players are still playing football. Of the three returning starters, Laibow is the best. He averaged 12 points and four rebounds a game. Richardson averaged 11 points and signed with Boise State. Moore, whom Pasky describes as the best athlete on the team, is also a returning starter.


1994 OVERALL LEAGUE PLACE 11-14 7-7 5th

COACH YR. AT SCHOOL Mike Prewitt 5th

TOP RETURNEES POS HT YR Nathan Kaup F 6-2 Jr. Josh Hill C 6-6 Jr.

TOP NEWCOMERS POS HT YR Matt Harbour G 6-1 Jr. Steve Weber G 5-10 Jr. Adam Stone G 5-11 Jr. Jason Allen F 6-2 So. Gabe Legacy F 6-3 Jr. George Kimbro C 6-3 Sr.


The Scorpions will play a full-court, pressure game to compensate for their lack of size. The two returning starters are Kaup (9.3 ppg.) and Hill (8.6). They will probably be the top rebounders this year, too. Kaup, Hill, Allen and Weber could be the top scorers on any given night. Camarillo is expected to finish in the lower half of the league, but could challenge for a playoff spot.

Channel Islands

1994 OVERALL LEAGUE PLACE 4-18 2-12 Tied 7th

COACH YR. AT SCHOOL Gary Abraham 4th

TOP RETURNEES POS HT YR Charles Merricks G/F 6-0 So. Jermaine Samuels G/F 6-0 Sr. Jose Rojas F 6-0 Sr. Junior Mosones G/F 6-1 Jr.

TOP NEWCOMERS POS HT YR O.J. Thomas G 5-9 Fr. Jason Soldo F/C 6-2 Sr. Jack Ramirez F/C 6-2 Sr. Bernabe Simon G 5-8 So. Lamar Anger F 6-2 Sr. Alex Love C 6-2 Sr. Andres Garcia G/F 6-1 Jr.


Merricks is the only returning full-time starter. Thomas, Soldo, Ramirez and Anger were not in the school's basketball program at any level last season, so Abraham has some work to do. Thomas is one of the brightest stars, though, and he will have a shot at the starting lineup as a freshman. Although the Raiders aren't likely to make the playoffs this year, the number of young players has Abraham optimistic about the future.

Newbury Park

1994 OVERALL LEAGUE PLACE 6-16 2-12 Tied 7th

COACH YR. AT SCHOOL Steve Johnson 1st

TOP RETURNEES POS HT YR Adam Reinwasser G 6-2 Sr. Charles Stanton F 6-5 Jr.

TOP NEWCOMERS POS HT YR Brent Bush G 5-8 Jr. Greg Cummings F 6-3 Sr. Randy Barker F 6-4 Sr. Allyn Gilstrap G 5-10 Jr.


The Panthers are short on experience. Besides Reinwasser, who started at shooting guard last year, and Stanton, who played briefly, no one has played a minute of varsity basketball. Even Johnson, the team's third coach in three years, is in his first season overseeing a varsity program after 11 seasons as a junior varsity and frosh-soph coach at Simi Valley. Bush was MVP of the frosh-soph team.


1994 OVERALL LEAGUE PLACE 7-17 4-10 6th

COACH YR. AT SCHOOL Larry Wiksell 2nd

TOP RETURNEES POS HT YR Eric Carlsen F 6-5 Sr. Scott Hambly G 6-2 Sr. Jermaine Smith G 5-11 Sr. Donnie Wright F 6-4 Sr.

TOP NEWCOMERS POS HT YR Kraig Tytus F 6-1 Jr. Ryan Nielsen F 6-4 So. Marcus Pena G 6-1 Jr. Christian Broussard G 6-0 Jr.


Although the Highlanders don't have much basketball tradition, many coaches said this season will be Royal's breakthrough year. Carlsen (15.5 ppg.), a three-year starter, and Hambly, who made 58 three-point shots last year, are two of the league's top returnees. Smith is the team's best defender.

Simi Valley

1994 OVERALL LEAGUE PLACE 18-8 9-5 4th

COACH YR. AT SCHOOL Dean Bradshaw 7th

TOP RETURNEES POS HT YR J.J. Washington G 6-0 Sr.

TOP NEWCOMERS POS HT YR Anthony Tauriello G 6-1 Sr. Dan Van Etten F/C 6-3 Sr. Scott Blough G 6-0 Jr. Scott Schnetzler G/F 6-3 Jr. Eldridge Aubry G 5-11 Sr. Nathan Wheeler G 6-0 Sr.


Although the Pioneers lost all their starters, they are expected to be strong because of the products of a junior varsity team that was 20-2. Simi Valley was 17-4 over the summer. Wheeler and Tauriello were co-MVPs of the junior varsity team last year. Because the newcomers are so strong, the lone returnee, Washington, might not start, Bradshaw said.

Thousand Oaks

1994 OVERALL LEAGUE PLACE 21-7 11-3 Tied 1st

COACH YR. AT SCHOOL Ed Chevalier 16th

TOP RETURNEES POS HT YR Mike Lauer G 6-2 Jr. Greg Winslow F 6-4 Sr. Mike Martin G 5-11 Sr. Jeff Nowak G 6-2 Sr. Sam Parmalee F 6-3 Sr. Mike Friel G/F 6-2 Sr.

TOP NEWCOMERS POS HT YR Chun Tang G 5-8 Sr. Bret Fischer F 6-3 Sr. Brian Rogers F 6-2 Sr. Aaron Shaw G 6-0 Jr. Scott Sheridan F 6-8 Jr. Brian Gross F 6-6 So. Jeremiah Nesbitt F 6-5 Jr.


The Lancers finished strong last season to earn a tie for the league title, their fourth straight. But they will have difficulty continuing their streak. Because of a lack of experience, most coaches said Thousand Oaks will finish in the middle of the league. Only Lauer and Winslow played significantly last season. "For the first time in a while we are not favored," Chevalier said, "so that is the real challenge."


1994 OVERALL LEAGUE PLACE 17-7 10-4 3rd

COACH YR. AT SCHOOL Gary Grayson 5th

TOP RETURNEES POS HT YR Steve Aylsworth G 5-11 Jr. Billy Miller F 6-4 Sr. Matt Smiley F 6-3 Sr. Eric Guenther F 6-3 Sr.

TOP NEWCOMERS POS HT YR Nick Alexander C 6-8 Jr. Ricky Gelke F 6-4 Sr. Nasir Shakouri F 6-4 Sr. Scott Siegel F 6-6 Sr. Jason Gaines G 5-10 Jr. Jake Stewart G 5-10 So.


Westlake and Agoura are the top teams in the league. A potential problem for the Warriors is that several key players--specifically Aylsworth, Miller and Guenther--could miss the first few games because of the football playoffs. Miller and Guenther may also be on football recruiting visits during the season. The team, which returns three starters, was strengthened by Alexander's transfer from Calabasas.

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