Actually, the Whole Fight Is Pretty Pathetic

After Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock announced he would boycott the Super Bowl “because the Chargers are pathetic,” the newspaper’s fax was jammed with messages from angry San Diego fans.

Wrote one: “Us surfing, dope-smoking, long-haired, beach-going, yogurt-eating, Shamu-loving, hippie Californians are in Miami--while you sit on your fanny and watch your herd move from one side of the pasture to the other.

“Don’t be afraid when you hear all the thunder and lightning. It’s coming from Miami. . . . It’s the world champion San Diego Chargers.”

Whitlock’s reply: “The only loud rumbling I’ll hear on Super Bowl Sunday is the sound of Charger fans jumping off the bandwagon. It’ll start around halftime.”


Trivia time: Who scored the first defensive touchdown in the Super Bowl?

Football theme: A member of the prosecution team in the O.J. Simpson trial addressed the court Thursday. He, like the defendant, has a Hall of Fame name: Rockne Harmon.

Parting shot: Linebacker Ken Norton Jr. on one reason he signed with the 49ers: “You have to look at 15 years down the line, when your kid grows up and is ready to go to college and he asks me, ‘Dad, how come you can’t afford to put me through college?’ And I say, ‘Well, son, I stayed with the Cowboys.’ ”

Is that all?When Shaquille O’Neal of the Orlando Magic was in Dallas recently, his lunch consisted of three sides of ribs, two plates of French fries, half a platter of coleslaw, 15 rolls, two pitchers of tea, a slice of pecan pie, apple cobbler and a large glass of milk.


Clip and save: Quarterback Trent Dilfer, the No. 1 draft choice of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year, doesn’t lack confidence. A sampling:

“In terms of throwing the ball, I can throw as well as any of them . . . (Dan) Marino, (John) Elway.”

And he predicts: “I will win a Super Bowl.”

Birds of a feather: Joe Theismann on San Diego Charger quarterback Stan Humphries: “I really think (Washington Redskin Coach) Joe Gibbs got rid of him because he didn’t want another free spirit in Stan, like I was.”


Hocus-focus: Humorist Dave Barry on typical player comment at the Super Bowl:

“We’re really focused. We’re here for one reason, and that’s to focus on winning. We have to focus on getting the job done, because the team with the most focus will have more focus.” Field case: Brian Schmitz in the Orlando Sentinel: “The Chargers aren’t preparing a game plan against the Niners as much as they are a plea bargain.”

Trivia answer: Green Bay’s Herb Adderley returned an interception 60 yards for a touchdown in the 1968 Super Bowl against the Oakland Raiders.

Quotebook: Stan Kasten, Atlanta Hawk president: “I treat agents like I treat drugs. I just say no.”