THE SIMPSON VERDICTS : What Happens to the Evidence?

Evidence from the Simpson trial will likely be stored in Los Angeles' "forensic attic"--tightly secured courthouse evidence rooms, police warehouses, freezers, vaults and specialized labs Downtown. Some of Los Angeles's most desirable crime collectibles are reportedly well-archived. The gun used to kill Robert F. Kennedy is in the custody of federal archives. Many records from the Charles Manson case are still in the hands of the district attorney's office.

Simpson Could Still Take Stand

What the immediate future holds for O.J. Simpson:

More court time-Simpson faces further legal action despite the jury's finding. Civil lawsuits have been filed by the families of victims Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The lawsuits can proceed despite Tuesday's not-guilty verdict, and Simpson, who did not testify in the criminal trial, could be forced to take the stand in the civil cases.

They Bet on It

Sporting Index, the British bookmaker, said a book it opened on outcome of the O.J. Simpson trial attracted "an amazing amount of betting interest." A company spokesman said the agency booked more than 100,000 pounds ($159,000) of bets from around the world. Most Europeans bet for acquittal, while Americans tended to bet Simpson would be convicted. Sporting Index was the only major British bookmaker taking bets on the trial. Others refused for ethical reasons. Betting on sporting events, elections, stock markets and other activities is legal in Britain.

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