Impostor’s Hoax Leaves Texas Longhornswoggled : Sugar Bowl: Reserve Ron McKelvey apparently is Ron Weaver, 30, who skips town.


Just who is No. 24 for Texas?

Apparently it’s not Ron McKelvey, a 23-year-old backup defensive back and special teams player.

After investigating a Saturday story in The Californian, a newspaper in Salinas, that said McKelvey is really Ron Weaver, a 30-year-old in his seventh season of college football, Texas officials branded the player an impostor.

“We are satisfied that our information suggests that he falsely represented himself,” Coach John Mackovic said.


Three hours after Mackovic talked with McKelvey/Weaver on Saturday morning, the coach said at a news conference that the player had denied the story and offered proof he was who he said he was.

Apparently, while Mackovic was talking to the media in one hotel, McKelvey was leaving another a few blocks away. Texas officials said a check of his room had indicated that he had packed and left without telling anyone.

“Fraud and deceit are despicable on a personal basis, but when they possibly affect so many other people, it’s disgusting,” Mackovic said. “We will do everything possible to assist law enforcement agencies in apprehending this individual and assist them in filing criminal charges if they are warranted.”

Texas officials said they would turn over their findings to the FBI.

McKelvey--or Weaver--transferred to Texas after two seasons at L.A. Pierce College, where he was All-Western State Conference and all-state. But the Californian says Weaver also played two seasons at Monterey Peninsula College, then two at Cal State Sacramento, finishing there in 1989.

The Californian also said McKelvey/Weaver was writing a book on “the scandals of college football” and had a publisher, who was not named, in Los Angeles.

Contacted in New Orleans, a person who identified himself as McKelvey told the Associated Press, “I am not writing no book. I have a hard enough time in English class.”

Friends and family in the Salinas area, including Sung Weaver, his mother, have identified McKelvey’s picture as that of Weaver, and a phone number given by McKelvey turned out to be one of Joel Ron McKelvey, 23, of Salinas, and his wife. McKelvey said he knew Weaver from working out at a local gym.


McKelvey/Weaver played in 11 games for the Longhorns, missing only the Virginia game, and there is a possibility that they would have to forfeit nine of their 10 victories for using an ineligible player. “We were all shocked when we heard the story,” said John Elmore, the team’s captain. “He seemed like such a nice guy. I can’t remember him doing anything wrong. I guess he fooled everybody.”