Dog Adopted After Storm-Drain Rescue

Giorgio, a homeless white poodle mix who was wedged in a drain in an Ojai orange orchard for two days before firefighters rescued him, has a new home.

A Ventura woman who requested anonymity has decided to adopt the aged dog, who is deaf, almost blind and toothless, said Elisabeth Arvin, a Humane League foster parent of unwanted dogs.

Giorgio’s new owner is a volunteer with the nonprofit Spay-Neuter Animal Network who also adopts strays. She had previously provided Giorgio a temporary home before handing him over to Arvin.

“She takes in every dog that needs to be taken in,” Arvin said. “When she heard about Giorgio, she was just horrified. [She] immediately blamed herself for everything that happened to him and decided she never wanted to let him go.”


At least half a dozen people called Arvin offering to adopt the dog after The Times published a story Wednesday. Moreover, Giorgio had a few seconds of fame when radio broadcaster Paul Harvey mentioned the rescue on his show Thursday, Spay-Neuter Animal Network President Barbara Omholt said.

Giorgio had wandered off Sunday night and somehow squirmed about eight feet into the 12-inch-diameter drain before getting stuck.

Arvin’s other dogs heard Giorgio’s whimpers and alerted her husband Tuesday morning. It took a small army of firefighters and neighbors wielding shovels and picks about an hour to remove several feet of dirt and pipe and free the dog.