Renovated Reseda Country Club Fights Back

P.J. Goossen, among about a dozen boxers gathered at Reseda Country Club, surveyed the surroundings and shrugged.

"Looks the same as it always has," Goossen said.

It's no wonder. With everyone from Lionel Butler to brothers Gabriel and Rafael Ruelas to trainers Pat and Joe Goossen in attendance, a press luncheon Monday at the recently renovated Country Club rang of nostalgia.

Once the the breeding ground for fighters such as Michael Nunn and Terry Norris, the Country Club again will be site of monthly boxing beginning Nov. 21, when promoter Peter Broudy moves his monthly televised program from the Olympic Auditorium to Reseda.

Broudy, who presented about 200 boxing shows at the Country Club from 1984 to 1993, capitalized on the opportunity Monday by filling the club's halls with popular pugilists, some who fought at the club during its heyday.

"For me, it's like coming back home," Broudy said.

Butler and P.J. Goossen, former Country Club regulars, will fight at Reseda next week against opponents to be determined.

Also in attendance were heavyweights Jeremy Williams and Lance Whitaker, who tentatively have fights scheduled for next week at Reseda.

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