Who Says They Don't Care About the NFL in L.A.?

On election day, I wish a proposition had been on the ballot proposing a tax increase or bond issue to help fund renovation of the Coliseum. Why? Because a resounding defeat by the people who would pay for it just might prove to the arrogant and self-serving NFL that Los Angeles can get along just fine without pro football.




Bill Plaschke is right. We really don't care about spending a fortune on tickets and sitting all day in traffic to see a bunch of 300-pound, steroid-laced millionaires butt heads.

And we cannot abide the thought of paying taxes so some billionaire owners can become even richer at our expense. Every time I hear of taxpayers in other cities being forced to support "luxury boxes" for the wealthy, I retch.


Van Nuys


Los Angeles needs pro football about as much as it needs an 8.0 earthquake. The City of Angels shouldn't get sucked into the NFL's extortion tactics. If the league or the networks want a team in L.A., they should be the ones doing the groveling.


Lake Arrowhead


It would appear that Bill Plaschke and others assume that no one in Los Angeles cares about a new pro football team because we haven't yelled and kicked and screamed enough.

Our silence should speak volumes. When the last team left, most people were thoroughly disgusted with anything having to do with the NFL. The only choices fans had were either watching the contest between the Raiders and Coliseum Commission to see who could renege on the most promises, or submitting to yearly doses of incoherent personnel decisions by John Shaw and Georgia Frontiere.

Fans have not abandoned pro football. Simply provide us with a team that is willing to reach out into the community and develop a first-class organization and we will be there. It shouldn't be that much to ask.


Long Beach

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