Santa Ana College Men's Soccer Forfeits 10 Victories

The Santa Ana College men's soccer team must forfeit 10 victories in games played between Sept. 5 and Oct. 3 because the eligibility forms of two players were not processed properly, said Don Sneddon, Santa Ana's athletic department coordinator.

Sneddon said in a statement the mistake was not by the players--whom the college declined to identify--but the fault of the college for not having the paperwork processed in time for the athletes to be on the team's official playing roster.

"The players in question had done everything to meet the eligibility requirements," Sneddon said. "Fortunately we caught the error in time so that the players can salvage the season, and hopefully qualify for the playoffs."

Sneddon said the forms were resubmitted, and both players are qualified.

Santa Ana's 6-0 victory against Orange Coast on Tuesday remains the team's only victory, giving it a 1-11 record overall, 1-2 in the Orange Empire Conference. Before the error, Santa Ana had lost only one game this season, to Santa Barbara.

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