The Times' Rankings by T.J. Simers : NFL TOP TO BOTTOM

1. Denver (4-0): How fitting if Elway has to mount a comeback against Reeves' Falcons.

2. New England (4-0): A week off to rest for showdown with Broncos.

3. Jacksonville (3-0): Mark Brunell on one leg is better than Kordell Stewart on two.

4. Tampa Bay (4-0): Just a wonderful fairy tale.

5. Green Bay (3-1): Live on "ER" next: Doctors put Cheeseheads on respirator after loss to Tampa Bay.

6. San Francisco (3-1): Who botches the kick this week? 49ers or Panthers?

7. Dallas (2-1): Coach Jones will make sure Emmitt Smith scores against Chicago.

8. Kansas City (3-1): Grbac and Rison become dynamic duo.

9. Washington (2-1): New stadium, same old running game.

10. Pittsburgh (1-2): Bettis does everything but kick field goals; Steelers lose.

11. New York Jets (2-2): Parcells has already doubled the team's victory total.

12. Cincinnati (1-2): Coslet gets a chance for revenge against team that fired him.

13. Carolina (2-2): Facing embarrassment if Greene sacks Collins.

14. Philadelphia (1-2): Thought they quit and went home for the rest of the year.

15. Minnesota (2-2): When do we get to see Randall Cunningham at quarterback?

16. Baltimore (3-1): Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall . . .

17. Detroit (2-2): Scott Mitchell is tired of getting criticized, but keeps making mistakes.

18. Miami (2-2): Jimmy Johnson is no Bill Parcells.

19. Buffalo (2-2): Can't count on the referee's help every week.

20. Seattle (2-2): The rain depresses these people enough without watching this.

21. Oakland (1-3): Kids say the darndest things, especially after hanging around Raider fans.

22. St. Louis (2-2): Rams versus Raiders. Didn't that mean something once?

23. Arizona (1-2): Hurricane Nora blows away all the Cardinals' bad luck.

24. Tennessee (1-2): What a funny feeling, playing in front of people.

25. New York Giants (1-3): At this rate, everyone in New York will become Jet fans.

26. San Diego (1-3): The rip-off continues with city forced to buy tickets.

27. New Orleans (1-3): Heath Shuler cannot be stopped.

28. Indianapolis (0-4): Imagine waking up in Indianapolis.

29. Chicago (0-4): Rick Mirer made a difference.

30. Atlanta (0-4): What Dan Reeves would give right now to have Elway.

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