Altercation Leads to Stabbing of Man


A Simi Valley man was stabbed during a fight with his girlfriend’s ex-husband, authorities said.

Anthony Gomez, 36, was arguing on the phone with his former wife Sunday about their child. After several conversations, Brian Goodman, her 24-year-old boyfriend, got on the phone and threatened to go to Gomez’s home and harm him, authorities said.

When his ex-wife called to tell Gomez that Goodman was on his way, authorities said, Gomez armed himself with a knife and pool cue and called the Simi Valley Police Department.


Gomez left the residence in the 1200 block of Truoli Lane when he thought police had arrived, authorities said. But when he walked outside, he ran into Goodman and two unidentified men.

Gomez struck Goodman with the pool cue, but Goodman wrestled it away from him and used it to hit Gomez in the leg, authorities said. Gomez allegedly took out the knife and stabbed Goodman in the neck.

Goodman and the other men then ran through an alley. Authorities said Goodman was later treated at Simi Valley Hospital and released.

No arrests have been made, but reports have been submitted to the Ventura County district attorney for review.