Stand-ins: Westlake High's no-show in the Simi Valley tournament Saturday ruffled a few feathers in the coaching community.

Westlake was entered in the Hart and Simi Valley tournaments on the same day, but instead sent its junior varsity team to Simi Valley without notifying tournament director Suzanne Manlet.

"[The tournament] contract says, 'Varsity-only tournament,' and [Westlake] signed it in June," said Manlet, who along with other coaches were disappointed by the unannounced no-show. "It made me look bad. We had teams waiting on Friday to get into the tournament."

Darwin Tolzin, Westlake's coach, said he knew his team was entered in both tournaments, but assumed someone from Westlake--whom he would not name--had taken care of the problem.

"It's my fault," Tolzin said. "I assumed that Suzanne knew what was going on."

Southern Section rules forbid a team's participation in more than one tournament in a day, but there was no violation in this case, said Dean Crowley, section commissioner.

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