The Hands Have It

With all the beating their hands take, you'd better believe cooks need toiletries. Chef Care makes products to take away food odors, prevent bacteria growth and (of course) moisturize. Another moisturizing product is Chef Harry's Cook's Balm, which has two great foodie attractions--made of botanical oils, vegetable extracts, herbs and beeswax, it's actually edible, and it comes in tasty scents (bouquet garni and allspice). Le Chef soap takes the opposite tack; this French-made soap from Marseille is intentionally unscented so as not to affect foods.

Chef Care odor-neutralizing soap, anti-bacterial hand cleaner and moisturizing cream, $11.99 each; Le Chef hand soap, $7.99; at Bristol Kitchens, South Pasadena. Chef Harry's Cook's Balm, about $10, at Room at the Beach, 'Bu Heaven and Planet Blue, Malibu.

'Ade With Attitude

The venerable sports drink company Gatorade has introduced two new "Force of Nature" flavors for its teen-oriented Gatorade Frost line. How teen-oriented are they? One of the new flavors "oozes attitude; it's a sports drink that pushes you to the edge . . . and back," says Sue Wellington, Gatorade's vice president of marketing. Or you could judge from the names themselves, which sound like characters in action comics or video games: Midnight Thunder (blackberry flavor) and Riptide Rush (we can't really describe the flavor, but it's purple). Already in stores are Glacier Freeze, Alpine Snow and Whitewater Splash. Cool, dude.

Midnight Thunder and Riptide Rush Gatorade, 20-, 32- and 64-ounce bottles, about 99 cents to $2.49, at supermarkets.

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