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What: Women Outside magazine

Price: $3.95

Women Outside is a new magazine from the people who bring you Outside magazine. And for a first effort, it will not disappoint readers.

It isn't so much a sports periodical as it is an adventure magazine. And it has wide-ranging appeal.

There are stories on Hawaii's surfer girls, competitive cheerleading, post-pregnancy workouts, sport-related entrepreneurship and the success of a 75-year old marathon addict.

The magazine takes the reader to places ranging from Yellowstone National Park to the Australian Outback to the waters off Japan. It has a yellow pages section with an active travelers' directory and a mini-catalog of athletic apparel. This lively magazine almost screams for you to go out and play, or at least sit back and visualize yourself on the slopes of Austria, snorkeling in Belize or riding an elephant around Thailand.

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