Woodson Still Gets It Done

From Associated Press

The Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers figured defensive back Rod Woodson had seen better days.

As it was, Woodson--voted to the NFL's all-time team when the league celebrated its 50th anniversary--had one of his better days for the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

"I know they brought me in for a lot of reasons," said Woodson, who signed as a free agent with Baltimore after 10 seasons with Pittsburgh and one with San Francisco. "We think every week we can make these plays. In this game, interceptions tend to come in bunches, and today was our opportunity."

Though he has lost a step or two because of knee trouble, Wooden used his veteran instincts to make big plays against Glenn Foley, who had only 70 of his 247 passing yards in a second half in which the Jets (0-2) consistently had poor field position. Last week, Foley led the Jets to 465 total yards and 30 points in an overtime loss to the 49ers.

"Woodson baits, he lures, he guesses," said Foley, who was 22 for 32 with three interceptions and was sacked four times. "That's his game and it's all based on experience. He's heady, he's physical. You've got to be careful with him."

The big plays by the Ravens (1-1) were not limited to Woodson. Others included:

* Jermaine Lewis' 69-yard punt return for Baltimore's first touchdown.

* A goal-line stand late in the second quarter on which the Ravens stopped Curtis Martin three times from the one.

* Eric Zeier's 39-yard pass to Michael Jackson just after that defensive stand, which sparked a 99-yard drive that included a fourth-down conversion and ended with Eric Green's 20-yard touchdown reception.

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